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Our 2014 Season!

Welcome to Mitford by Robert Inman

February 13th - 16th

at Community Education South

Adapted from the Mitford novels by Jan Karon - directed by Sue Ellen Gerrells

Father Tim Kavanagh is the much-loved bachelor rector of Lord's Chapel church in the close-knit mountain community of Mitford, surrounded by long-time friends parishioners church secretary Emma, housekeeper Puny, local mayor Esther, a covey of eccentric regulars at the Main Street Grill, elderly heiress Miss Sadie Baxter, and jokester Uncle Billy and his dotty wife, Miss Rose, who likes to direct traffic wearing a military trench coat and rubber boots. Father Tim's life is absorbed with the life of his town and the pastoring of his lively congregation



The Boys Next Door by Tom Griffin

August 7th - 16th

at Community Education South

 Featuring: Howard Green, David Coker, Greg Hively & Russell Jones

- directed by A. Clay Boyce

An Off-Broadway success, this very funny yet very touching play focuses on the lives of four retarded men who live in a communal residence under the watchful eye of a sincere, but increasingly despairing, social worker. Filled with humor, the play is also marked by the compassion and understanding with which it peers into the half-lit world of its handicapped protagonists. "THE BOYS NEXT DOOR is one of the most unusual. .. and one of the most rewarding plays in town." -BackStage. "Griffin's play hits squarely on the truth of life with its constant interplays and shadings of triumphs and tears." -NY Daily News. "THE BOYS NEXT DOOR moves the audience to an awareness of how many things in everyday life we take for granted .. ." -NY Times.

Christmas Carol High School by Mark Landon Smith

December 11th - 20th

at Community Education South

directed by A. Clay Boyce

The classic story of A Christmas Carol is given a modem twist and set at West End High School, where the campus "Scrooge" is Meredith Priestly, the most beautiful,most popular, meanest, nastiest girl in school! With uninterested and never present globe-trotting parents, the lead in the school production of Romeo and Juliet and Queen Bee of campus (or so she thinksl) is in need of a reminder of what Christmas and friendship are about. Visited by five ghosts -- two of which are Patty and Patrick Prince, two former West End Cheerleaders from the 1950's -- Meredith is taken on a life changing journey.

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